About Me

The Story of Chameleon Sheep (Short Film)


I fell in love with music as a child when my parents won a drum set. I loved that thing and used it every day until they ended up selling it. Ever since then, I have had a passion for listening to and creating music, but through the years struggled to get another drum set or find others to form a band.


I then started to give up on the creation of music but continued to consume a large amount and learned how to play various instruments with no intent other than personal enjoyment. 


That was until I found a free online Digital Audio Workstation where I just threw in various samples to make a somewhat listenable piece. This lit a fire inside of me with the idea that I didn’t need a band or money for a recording studio to make things that I loved. 

Smilebro About Me Background


I used various DAWs in trial mode and was drawn to the layout of Ableton but didn’t have the funds to purchase it. So, I stayed in trial mode and created projects for over a year that I wasn’t able to save. Through this process, I learned quite a bit but the frustration of losing all of my work drove me crazy. I then started to seriously save up and purchased it on my birthday in 2018.


Since then I have been making music all of the time and have finally started to create songs that I feel are presentable. I’m not to the level that I would like to be but I am working towards it and hope that I will be able to provide others the same feeling that music has given me all of these years.